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The graduates' Employment abandon donkey find horses at the cost

Graduation season, busy season of college students employment, contract, breach of contract, and then sign......The graduates in the recruitment information find satisfaction with the work (picture) the Chongqing evening news chief reporter Ran Wen video Gardenia in blossom season, is a season of graduation.
Or enormously proud of one's success, or and unable to part from, or speak in excitement emotion, or speechless meditation......About to leave the campus, the hearts of five mixed.Or busy in the papers, or running in the workplace,Louboutin Pas cher, or hesitate to emotion.
.....Graduation season, then what are you doing?Today, this newspaper launched the "graduation season those things.".We stayed in the campus, loved, absent from class......Do you have any unforgettable stories?Welcome to call Chongqing evening 24 hour news hotline 966988, let us share your graduation season.
Chongqing evening news graduation season,louboutin pas cher, to find a job is a grand opera.A graduate or around your resume,Louboutin, or moving from country to city to participate in the interview.At the Chongqing University, early in October last year, some do not prepare a graduate students have taken.
Which know, even if the work was assured the students is also very busy, they walked to the "running", abandon the "ass", for "horse", the price is bear the huge damages of breach of contract.Donkey find abandoned horse penalty on 10 thousand yuan of Chongqing University College of power engineering for thermal energy and power professional a graduating class consists of 26 students.
The second half of last year, 8 classmates security research, 4 graduate-study admission exam, and 1 abroad, not a graduate students who have signed the work.Liu Xiaodong (a pseudonym) at the time to find a job,Christian Louboutin Outlet, supposedly, he should sleep idle, joyfully meet graduation coming, but the two day, he did not, because he has to pay tens of thousands of yuan of penalty.
"For most graduated from the students,christian louboutin shoes, signed the work does not mean the work done."Liu Xiaodong said, he majored in computer major employment rate is higher, so they are not worried about being unable to find a job, only to find good or bad.
Liu Xiaodong told the Chongqing evening news, October last year, recruiters started to enter the campus, he chose the Shenzhen energy, and with the company signed a three agreement."A commitment to first year is $70000 to $80000, the feeling can also be, sign.
"Liu Xiaodong said, signed the work, he did not idle, but continue to pay attention to recruiting a meeting.Let him tangled things happened.Last month, the spring fair entered the Chongqing University, Liu Xiaodong for a nuclear power plant voted resume, "originally just want to try, which know so well?"Liu Xiaodong said, after screening resumes, side, two, physical examination, he was admitted to the.
"The surprise is, but something else again."Liu Xiaodong hung his head said, himself will give Shenzhen the sources of energy to pay tens of thousands of yuan of penalty, "this is high, some of my classmates are generally 5000 yuan, there is 3000 yuan.
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Buy fitness equipment to consider their own exercise - Sports Ch

Buy fitness equipment to consider their own exercise: fitness for purpose, should generally buy multi-gym,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, multifunctional projects including boating, pedal, waist rotation, a variety of strength training, massage and other functions, can be integrated to exercise the arm,Louboutin Outlet, leg, back and chest and abdominal muscles, it has to improve physical fitness remarkable effect.
Aimed at rehabilitation or poor physique,louboutin, action inconvenience consumers, can buy fixed fitness bicycle, treadmill, rowing machine, the three equipment is chronic endurance exercise equipment, use them for sport,Christian Louboutin Outlet, help to improve the function of heart and lung leg and arm strength.
Pedal, running can master the fast and slow, the elderly and the rehabilitation of patients in particular, in the exercise process add dumbbells, spring expander, the elastic rod, a rubber band combined with exercise effect is better.
And housing conditions slightly a bit better consumers can buy multifunctional body-building device.Such as: four or five, ten,christian louboutin shoes, twelve and thirty functions of the treadmill, it with the single function of fitness equipment than, one is higher price, two is the need to have three to five square metres of space.
Economic and housing conditions on a consumer can choose single functional fitness equipment.Such as: exercise bikes, rowing machine etc..These devices can be used to plug placed under the bed, can also be placed on the balcony, from the price is cheaper also, generally in the 500-1000 yuan.
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Retail the seven habits for operating the stock -- common heart

? 1 would not stop didn't have the heart to stop to retail investors 50%, 60% even 70% loss of the arch-criminal.Loss of selling is a contrary to human nature of things, the selected stocks are carefully selected, Sherborne sell means that he was wrong; and fear to sell after the stock would have followed up, stocks will worry about personal gains and losses.
I think, if each unit can hold 8% of the stop-loss line, we now have to make a fuss about? 2 blind "Warren" and expert remember at the end of last year, at the beginning of this year when, no matter at home in front of the area or the surrounding turn circle, everywhere is full of legendary color with the "big brother to take the lead".
These stock "big brother to take the lead in" no matter where, behind have a devout follower.In addition, every kind of "God", expert on turns regalia.However, only half of the past, these "God" was missing.
Do not pay attention to their own learning and implicit idol, shares being led into the same.3 frequent hunters "stumble endlessly" quotes in many people is fierce, but in other people's eyes, contains the infinite opportunity.
The standard approach of the hunters have no problem, the problem is the base in? 4000 points when copying a bottom, 3500 copies, 3000 copy, how many people they have been left the ship, but could not resist the temptation to hunters, fall into the abyss.
4 vulnerable warehouse full of somebody calculated brushstroke Zhang, if last year with 100000 admission, won the 50% gains after departure, the capital is increased to 150000.But if the 150000 inputs, at less than this year the market index fell 40% computation,Louboutin, funds into 90000, but if the previous income 50000 yuan from 100000 yuan, still press enter, shrinking funds into 60000, plus the original income 5 yuan, total assets of 110000, all to still have 10000 income.
But many people still can't resist the temptation of big to small, slowly in the bear market in the lost man's life and family possessions, can only keep shrinking assets to the resort, more painful is, even if the future will see the bottom, also can't the hunters.
5 dependent policy rescues the city the stock market fell to this level, there are a lot of shares will hope to regulators appear to rescue the city policy, they believe, Olympic market can lead the stock market walks out of trough.
If there is no rescue idea, individual investors may sell or buy mentality smoothly leave long-term holders.However, once the market into rescue expectations, will let the shares were blinded, eventually more to disappointment.
The 6 twisted value investing and hold shares in the bull market is a lot of to.But now, the "action" has frequently ineffective.Some strands of light seen the development prospects of the company good, or low price of their approach,louboutin pas cher, the reputation of its name "value investment", in the end came a cropper.
In fact, the value of the investment premise condition to have two: one is the listing Corporation of the fundamentals of good, two is the stock is undervalued.These two conditions are indispensable complement each other.
7 lack of investment principle what is cyclical stock, what is the high growth stocks, what is the value investment, what is technical analysis,Louboutin Pas Cher, the unit through general not.Think stocks bought like cabbage as simple, looking for hearsay, hearsay is this kind of person stock method.
The results of white over half a year.In fact,christian louboutin shoes, compared to other investors, the stocks of the future is more worrying.The former regardless of what method to use, even if you fail it can learn from,Louboutin Outlet, and for the latter, did not find the stock knowledge, means always running in place.
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The cool feeling comfortable dressing slender legs appear - Wome

Public network copyright and disclaimer 1,Louboutin Pas cher, public network all content's copyright belongs to the author or the copyright page statement.Dazhong net without written permission,Christian Louboutin Outlet, any other individual or organization will not be any form of Dazhong net resources reprint, copy,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, edit or publish on the use of any other occasions; not to make any form of information dissemination to other parties, not the information in the server or other document mirror image duplication or save; not modify or use any of the Dazhong net resources.
If intends to reprint the home station information, must obtain the populace net written authorization.In 2, already this net authorization use work,christian louboutin shoes, should use in the scope of authority, and indicate the source: ? &rdquo public network;.
Violates the above enunciator, this net will investigate its related legal liability.3, every this net indication ? source: XXX (non public network) ? works, reprints from other media, reprinted designed to transmit more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for their authenticity.
The network is reproduced in other media articles, intended for the public to provide free services.As the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want the network release, can contact with this net,Louboutin Pas Cher, the net can immediately be removed.
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Buy shares of relief -- who I do not go to hell to hell-- Xiang

? to buy shares of relief -- I don't go to hell who go to hell?? the earthquake is a human disaster,Louboutin Pas Cher, as investors, in order not to make the natural disasters occurred again after the stock market crash, everyone should be in the key when buying stock not to maltreat an injured person, scattered.
This is our market, we need to maintain.? I was not optimistic about the rally, the main reason is that I think that inflation has not been controlled, tightening will continue.But in yesterday the market collapsed to 60 antenna when the decisive hit,christian louboutin uk, the spirit of "I don't go to hell who go to hell" spirit, go full storehouse.
? in addition to the moral, I also think that the earthquake will change China's stock market.Since the Spring Festival? Rebound,christian louboutin shoes, because the CPI in January was lower than expected, and the recent slump, the most important reason is because of the February CPI (especially PPI) was higher than expected, the earthquake is just a story.
In the interest rate, further tightening of the shadows, the stock market on the fatigue.? I expected the NPC and CPPCC will raise interest rates, but I believe the earthquake changed the original plan decision-making layer, plus interest,Louboutin, to associate and other tightening measures is the earliest April.
When inflation if peaked, people will think it is bad to do that.? earthquake on China's economy and the stock market is good.First of all, it is global in scope, removing a portion of the excess capacity,louboutin pas cher, followed by the post-disaster reconstruction will expand demand.
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